STILL supports the production of disinfectants at Grönwohlder brewery

North German companies show commitment

Hamburg, 02 April 2020 - In the global effort to fight the corona virus, basic materials for medical care are urgently needed. The Grönwohlder brewery is therefore now producing disinfectants at their production facilities. In support of this commitment, the Hamburg intralogistics company STILL is providing an electric forklift truck free of charge for the company logistics.

STILL supports production of disinfectants at Grönwohlder brewery.

Thousands of litres of disinfectant will be produced over the next few weeks on the premises of the Grönwohlder brewery in the Stormarn district. Production, responsibility and distribution will be taken over exclusively by pharmacies, which currently have a temporary production permit. Grönwohlder wishes to help in this time of crisis and is making the technology and labour available at cost price. Thanks to this large capacity, the pharmacies will be able to produce large quantities of urgently needed disinfectant in a very short time.

STILL provides electric forklift truck

Fast and efficient logistics on the brewery grounds is made possible with the support of the intralogistics company STILL. The Hamburg company is providing an RX 20 series electric forklift truck free of charge for the production period. "The current situation is a great challenge for all of us. This makes it all the more important for us to show solidarity now", explains Thomas A. Fischer, managing director of STILL. "We are therefore very happy to support this great project of the Grönwohlder brewery with our logistical competence and a powerful electric forklift truck".

The RX 20-20 is a powerful, compact and particularly agile forklift truck with the highest handling performance in its class. Featuring a Li-Ion battery and an easy battery change, it is available almost around the clock. "So far a STILL low lift pallet truck has been in operation on our premises. Now that we can use a powerful and safe forklift truck, our work is made much easier," says Torsten Schumacher, beer sommelier at the Grönwohlder brewery. "The fact that we receive so much support for our initiative is a great confirmation that we are doing the right thing. Thank you very much for that!"

Transport handled by Pfaff

Further help came from a STILL partner from the neighbourhood in Hamburg Billbrook: quickly and free of charge Pfaff Spezialtransporte took over the professional transport of the truck to Grönwohld.