Agile and fast in a double pack

STILL adds narrow low-platform and double-deck trucks with unique ergonomics to expand its product range

Fast and safe goods handling is ensured at all times: the best view of the forks makes it possible to safely pick up and lower the load during rapid loading and unloading.

Short turnaround times at the ramp, and fast factory-internal transport operations or movements into and out of storage: aimed at these challenges, STILL has again made an upward enlargement of its product portfolio in the low-platform truck area with the EXH-SF 20/25 models. Building on the same platform, users of the EXD-SF double-deck high-lift truck also benefit from numerous technical innovations. These machines, the narrowest on the market at only 720 mm, have an exceptionally compact, ergonomic design with a unique sprung platform suspension. In this respect, the EXH-SF with a 2,500 kg load capacity for demanding applications, and the EXD-SF with a load capacity of 1,000 kg on the mast lift with 1,000 kg on the initial lift, were developed for double-deck transport and movements into storage up to a height of 2,942 mm – depending on the lift mast. This makes the two new machines really powerful enforcers in the warehouse.

The double-deck machine reaches a maximum speed of 10 km/h and uses STILL Dynamic Drive Control to automatically adapt it to the load weight and lift height. As soon as the lift height reaches above 1,800 mm, the EXD-SF changes to slow-speed mode to guarantee safe operation. The double-deck lift truck can be fitted with a load protection grill for added safety and security, with the result that the side-arms can stay folded out at a lift height above 1,800 mm. As a result of the double-deck transport and assistance functions, the EXD-SF ensures increased performance when used for goods truck loading and unloading on a ramp, in the pre-zone and in the warehouse.

The EXH-SF in turn offers various maximum speeds of 6, 8, 10 km/h, or an even more sporty 12 or 14 km/h, for which STILL has put together five different performance packages with drive motors up to 3.0 kW. In addition, all these machines have a built-in Curve Speed Control assistance system that automatically adjusts the speed to the current steering angle, thus bringing the driver through every curve not only quickly but also safely.

Due to innovative, air-cushioned platform springing with a built-in compressor and single-handedly adjustable-height sidebars, the EXH-SF and EXD-SF are unbeatable as far as ergonomics and driving comfort are concerned. The chassis with a stability system, further improved by STILL, provides maximum driving comfort, lateral stability on the ramp and optimum traction at all times. The low platform entry point and optimum visibility of the fork tips offer additional safety in everyday use. A combi-tiller option can be chosen for higher speed in pedestrian operation – which raises maximum driving speed from 4 to 6 km/h. All the driving, lifting and steering processes can be controlled simultaneously with only one hand, by both left-handed and right-handed users, via the ergonomic operating unit on the tiller head.

Product trainer Maik Eckerkunst explains “Through their slim design, we have optimised the machines for goods truck loading and unloading: this means the trucks allow more latitude when shunting on the load floor, thus permitting safe, precise manoeuvring through narrow shelf aisles with oncoming traffic,” and adds another plus point: “The improved ergonomics relieve the load on drivers, who gain a more attractive, more convenient workplace.”

For a variety of needs, all the models each have matching driving programs selectable via a non-language-dependent 4.5-inch colour display: energy-saving, environmentally friendly driving with ECO or maximum power with BOOST when really high speed is occasionally needed. Trucks can be equipped with either lead-acid or Li-ion batteries, depending on their usage profile. Intermediate charging gives no problems with Li-ion batteries – for prolonged usage up to 24/7 operation without needing a battery change. Easy lateral battery change assists users in safe, fast handling when using classical lead-acid batteries. Thanks to low energy consumption and long maintenance intervals, operators profit from high availability and low operating costs.