Loading and unloading tugger trains made easy

A global innovation: the STILL Trolley Mover 4W 15 battery-operated 4-way lift truck for loads up to 1.5 tons

Easy load handling in the most confined space: the TrolleyMover 4W 15 with its 4-way driving mode moves trolleys with loads up to 1.5 tons precisely and smoothly in all directions.

Hamburg, 15.11.2019 – A growing number of companies have recognised the potential of tugger train solutions and lean production without stacker trucks: tugger trains bring efficiency into intralogistics materials transport, either to group ground level transport movements over long distances or for high-frequency supplies to production lines. STILL, the Hamburg intralogistics expert, offers the LiftRunner, a complete tugger train system consisting of a variety of frames and trolleys, in addition to various electric towing tractors. As well as pallet trolleys for large load carriers, small load carriers are increasingly being transported on rack trolleys. To expand the product range of tugger train components, STILL has therefore added a series of standardised rack trolleys with various equipment options, and has developed the STILL TrolleyMover 4W 15 battery-operated 4-way lift truck to load and unload LiftRunner frames.


A global innovation for ergonomic 360-degree load handling

The TrolleyMover 4W 15 is designed for loads up to 1.5 tons, and enables ergonomic, spacesaving load handling due to its easy manoeuvrability in all four driving directions. STILL developed the innovation together with customers to simplify and at the same time speed up loading and unloading LiftRunner B- and E-frames with matching STILL trolleys. It allows even heavy trolleys to be pushed into tugger train trailer frames without applying any manual effort. To ensure the safety of people and materials, an automatic opening and locking function secures the trolleys when using LiftRunner B- and E-frames. The TrolleyMover 4W 15 is also perfectly suitable for handling over-width loads in confined spaces. Due to its 4-way driving mode, the TrolleyMover4W 15 can turn through 360 degrees on the spot, and can also transport long goods even at right angles to the driving direction and over long distances. Herbert A. Fischer, Head of the Tugger Train Business Segment explains: “In the past, longterm manual handling of heavy trolleys involved considerable manual effort. We have launched onto the market the TrolleyMover 4W 15, an entirely new tiller machine that simplifies tugger train loading/unloading. The machine shows its advantages in easy manoeuvrability and in the space-saving transport and handling of long goods, e.g. in a production operation or loading bay.” 


An expanded program of standard shelf/rack trolleys 

Steadily rising variant diversity, shorter product life-cycles and the trend towards individually customized product designs also create a need to deliver more material to production lines in smaller batch sizes. STILL has developed special shelf/rack trolleys with a variety of equipment options to simultaneously transport large numbers of small-load carriers (SLCs). The product range comprises both adjustable-height aluminium shelves and powder-coated steel shelves that are not height-adjustable. All the shelves are available with two to four compartment floors and in different models with load capacities between 400 and 800 kg. The aluminium shelves have closed floors, while the steel shelves for heavy loads are fitted with gridded floors. The shelves are open on all sides for optimum access when loading and unloading. As standard, both models roll on ultraheavy-duty polyamide wheels that can swivel through 360 degrees and can be replaced by even easier-running ball-bearing rollers if necessary. Other add-on options can also be ordered, e.g. non-slip mats for greater load security, or fixed-position brake pedals that always remain in the same position and are therefore easier for the operator to reach.