Independent E-type frame

The independent E-type frame generates the energy needed for the lift movement when travelling autonomously. To generate the necessary pressure, a toothed wheel pump generates pressure in an on-board vessel.

The frame is automatically lifted when a trolley is loaded. The frameis lowered when the foot pedal to release the trolley is depressed. The independent system does not require any pipe connections between the frames.

Independent E-type frames are always fitted with an articulated tiller and can be operated with 2 or 4 E-type frames (max. load of the complete train 4 t). The pressure needed to lift the trolley is generated over a travel distance of under 20 m, depending on the condition of the floor.

Model Maximum capacity* (kg) Travel speed (km/h) Data Sheet-Download**
Independent E-type frame 1.000 15 English

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